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Why would students want to join SkillsUSA?

    • Build Confidence
    • Enhance your Resume
  • Explore career paths
  • Obtain scholarships and work opportunities
  • Network with peers, teacher, mentors and industry representatives.
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment and belonging.
  • Develop teamwork experience.
  • Practice hands-on application of skills.
  • Participate in local, state or national competitions.



Why would parents want their child involved in SkillsUSA? (Check out this link:

  • Participate in meaningful career exploration.
  • Be part of a high-quality peer group.
  • Take advantage of internship, mentorship and employment opportunities,
  • Learn useful skills to be self-sufficient and self-supporting.
  • Discover opportunities for scholarships, grants or prizes.
  • Avoid unnecessary student loan debt.
  • Become a more highly engaged student and citizen.
  • Made education and career choices that are validated by industry.
  • Develop career readiness skills like effective communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Business and Industry:

Why would an employer want to become involved in SkillsUSA?

  • Build a pipeline of talented entry-level workers for their company and industry.
  • Hire students who have learned personal, workplace and technical skills.
  • Recruit employees who have already earned industry or workplace credentials.
  • Retain these skilled employees, saving time and ensuring greater profitability.
  • Build connections with students who are the talent pipeline of the future.
  • Build brand loyalty among students who are their future customers or employees.
  • Create entrepreneurial connections with students.
  • Network with others within their industry.
  • Provide internships, mentorship opportunities or apprenticeships.
  • Create community networks and build positive public relations for their company.



The SkillsUSA mission is built upon — and its success depends on —the commitment of our members and partners to the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Citizenship
  • Service 

Vision Statement

SkillsUSA produces the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member the opportunity for career success.