Social Studies Department

World Cultures
This course explores the regions of the world and includes the study of regional history, economics, geography, and culture.

American History 
American History is a chronological study of American History from the colonial period to the end of World War I. The study includes the writing of a formal term paper on a subject of the industrial and technological changes of the 19th century.

One semester of this course is spent studying economics and one semester is spent studying government. Economics concentrates on consumer economics and such topics as how to open a business, taxes, investing, and personal finance. The government portion of this course examines the federal, state, and local government structures and the role of the citizen in our political system.

Contemporary History
This course begins with the end of World War I and concentrates on world affairs since 1920. It examines modern day issues facing the people of America and the world, such as nuclear proliferation, overpopulation, uneven distribution of wealth, pollution, and other current topics.

Social Studies Department:

  • Eric Beishline (ext. 3366)
  • Scott Gotschal (ext. 3452)
  • Bryan Hiller (ext. 3468)
  • Adam Kocher (ext. 3431)
  • Anthony Melito (ext. 3414)
  • Courtney Saxton (ext. 3429)