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Dear CMAVTS Staff and Families,

It has been a busy and exciting first week at Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech. On Monday, all CMAVTS teachers and staff returned to school. They worked hard for the first two days, learning, planning, and preparing for their first day with students on Wednesday. The first week of school has gone well, and the 22-23 school year is off to a great start. Thanks to our entire staff for their outstanding efforts throughout the summer and the two in-service days getting the building, classrooms, and schedules ready for students to return on Wednesday!

Our administrative team did a great job welcoming our teachers and staff, planning in-service activities, and supporting our mission to be in partnership with business, industry, & community preparing students to meet the challenges of work and life in an ever-changing world. Our mission statement reminds us that it takes everyone, no matter their role or responsibility, to work together to help our students succeed in their future careers.

Students, we are so happy to welcome you to a new school year. Our faculty and staff are eager to engage with students in meaningful learning experiences. In addition, we want to remind you that CMAVTS offers many athletic, Career, and Technical Student Organizations and extracurricular activities throughout the school year. We encourage you to take part and become involved in these activities.

Parents, as school gets underway, we know you may have questions regarding various things happening in your student’s classroom, sport, activity, or on the bus they ride. We encourage you to contact the school personnel closest to the issue; your student’s teacher, coach, guidance counselor, student services, or the transportation specialist. Contact one of our building principals or the athletic director if it is a school-wide question. If your question is regarding district-wide policy or procedure, please contact the administrative director’s office. Joint Operating committee members are always willing to listen, but, in most cases, they will not have answers to specific questions. Instead, they will refer you back to the person who can most effectively answer your question.

Shout Outs and Congratulations:

Our school maintenance and custodians have been fantastic this summer. For most of the summer, we were short-staffed, and they worked hard to prepare the building and grounds for the school year. We genuinely thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment.
Thank you to Jeremey and Greg for having our technology up and running to begin the school year.

Thank you to the office staff for making this start of the school year amazing for our students and staff. You are all exceptional at keeping us all focused and together.

We want to recognize Mrs. Gillespie for her accomplishments with adult education programs at CMAVTS and for serving nearly 500 adult students this past year. In addition, all summer, she has continued her work with business, industry, and community partners to provide a variety of adult education opportunities throughout the year. Thank you for all your dedication.

We also want to recognize the many teachers and staff dedicating their time as coaches, CTSO, club, or class advisors. Your dedication to providing our students with athletic, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities means much to the Ram Community. You truly inspire our students to achieve more each day.

Thank you all for a great start to the school year!

Ken Kryder
Administrative Director