Service Cluster


Cosmetology is the art and science of improving beauty through care and treatment of the hair, skin, and nails. The cosmetology course is designed to teach students to develop pride in their personal appearance and to prepare them to become competent cosmetologists. A major objective of this three year course is the preparation of students for licensure to practice cosmetology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What Qualities Should I Have?
You should have an interest and desire to serve others. As a cosmetologist, you should have an appeasing personality, good grooming habits, and personal hygiene, coupled with an interest in the most current hair fashions. You will be required to stand for long periods of time and should have good finger and manual dexterity, as well as good color and style perception.

Instructor: Wendy Leiby (ext. 3342)

Food Preparation

This curriculum will prepare you for all kinds of employment related to commercial food services. Specialized learning units include theory and work experience in the major areas of cooking, baking, and menu planning. Other experiences include food servicing, waiting on tables, cashiering, care and use of kitchen equipment and sanitation in food handling. The restaurant kitchen serves as the preparation laboratory, while the restaurant provides experience in proper and efficient serving.

What Qualities Should I Have?
You should enjoy meeting people and serving the public. For these reasons, adaptability is essential. You should be in good physical health. Having a keen sense of smell and taste and preference for working with machines and food processes are important when working as a cook. Creativity for menu and food preparation are also important qualities. Prospective Food Preparation and Service students should also: 1) Have a strong desire to work with food. 2) Have a good personal appearance and hygiene. 3) Be honest and reliable. 4) Display patience and tact. 5) Have a willingness to take direction and learn from others. 6) Be able to work under pressure. 7) Have a good background in basic mathematics.

Instructor: Joe Edmondson (ext. 3323)

Health Professions

This program is designed to prepare individuals to apply knowledge and skills in the health occupations. It is for students whose career objective is one within any technical health field. Instruction is provided in the basic skills in a variety of areas associated with health occupations such as health and medical services, pharmaceutical and medical instruments and supplies. An opportunity to develop confidence and leadership skills is available through participation in HOSA (Future Health Professionals), a national vocational student organization.

What Qualities Should I Have?
Common traits among health professionals include: excellent oral and written communication skills, emotional stability and maturity, competent computer skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to pay great attention to detail. Math and science are also very important in most health occupations. Students are expected to be compassionate, dependable, empathetic, respectful, and be able to work independently or as part of a team.

Instructor: Nancy Troxell (ext. 3341)

Health Sciences

A health assistant works under the supervision of trained professionals. He/she must understand basic procedures in the examination, treatment, and care of patients in hospitals, nusing homes, doctors’ and dentists’ offices. They may assist nursing personnel, laboratory personnel, or therapists in specialized departments. This course will prepare and encourage students to continue their education in such professions as nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, medical assisting, etc. Senior students who qualify can earn a semester credit toward HOSA, a professional student organization, which teaches students leadership skills. Upon completion of the required number of hours of theory and clinical time, the student is eligible to take the State Nurse Aide Certification Exam, to become a certifed nursing assistant.

What Qualities Should I Have?
You should possess a genuine interest in people. Cleanliness and good grooming are essential attributes. You should also have a high degree of manual dexterity, a good math and English background, good color perception, a liking for detailed work and the ability to interact well with other people. Typing skills are important if you are considering pursuing a career as a medical secretary or other fields requiring this skill.

Instructor: Ann Cary (ext. 3338)

Agricultural Plant Systems and Technology

The Agricultural Plant Systems and Technology Program at Columbia-Montour A.V.T.S. focuses on applied horticultural science. This program prepares students for a wide range of careers in the agricultural industry. Students in this program focus on specialized horticultural training and real-world work experience that makes our students viable candidates for 21st century employment.

Students will be exposed to growing, marketing, and maintaining various horticultural crops and turf grasses. The emphasis will be placed on botany, soil science, greenhouse management, aquaponics, turf grass science, landscape architecture and installation, and dendrology as it pertains to the horticultural industry. In addition, students can expect to develop basic skills in electricity, plumbing, small gas engines, and concrete masonry. In addition, students will work toward gaining their National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operator Certificate in addition to the Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator’s License.

Students enrolled in the Agricultural Plant Systems and Technology Program of Study will also be involved with the FFA. The FFA is the world’s largest youth leadership organization and is an intracurricultural component of agricultural education. Students will have opportunities to travel to various FFA leadership conferences and career development events throughout the school year in order to develop premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

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What Qualities Should I Have?
Good vision, manual dexterity, stamina, and the ability to arrange various shapes and colors in attractive patterns are the primary qualifications for this occupation, particularly floriculture. Obviously you should be interested in working with plants, flowers, and shrubs and learning their growth and maintenance. You should like to work outdoors or in greenhouses and have the ability to handle machinery necessary to create and maintain grounds and landscaping.

Instructor: David Ruvarac – Long Term Substitute (ext. 3340)