Freshman Orientation

Please join us for freshman orientation tonight at 6pm via Zoom:

Zoom link


Back to School Information

* View Our Return to School Plan (shared during on-line parent meeting)*


*Resuming Athletics at CMAVTS*

View our board approved plan for resuming athletics here.
Also…click here to view and print the Participation Waiver!

New Administrators

This school year the RAM Family will be welcoming two new administrators, P. Kenneth Kryder (Administrative Director) and Andrew Meyer (Assistant Principal).  Get to know a bit about them by checking out the following links: Mr. Kryder | Mr. Meyer.


Check out our Virtual Tour here!


  A special "Thank You" to Doug Farley and Atlantic Broadband
for producing this video for our school!

* Parents, please read the Important Change in Definition of “Compulsory School Age” here.


Get a great introduction to our school from this special Channel 10, MetroCasting with Doug Farley. Click here to view on YouTube. 



What’s it about? Click logo for details, or here for video overview.


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